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At Hair Tip, Our mission is not only to provide you with all-natural hair care products, but also to join you along your exciting new Hair Restoration journey. 

We provide our hair care travelers with the best tips, daily routines, and all natural products to rejuvenate & maintain a healthy hair lifestyle. 

If you suffer from dry scalp, eczema, psoriasis, thinning edges, or the like, then Hair Tip has the right products for you!

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Build your all-in-one toolkit to banish the breakage & revitalize your locks with Hair Tip's collection of essential solutions.


Hair Tip is vital part of my daily routine. I alternate every other day between the rosemary oil and the mint-aloe oil on my scalp. When wearing a protective style and not washing my scalp as frequently, the oils keep my hair nourished while preventing dandruff or buildup. Thank you Hair Tip!

I’m not an edge slayer like the masses, but the edge control lays my “baby hairs” down without the product build up. Your products have been a Godsend for both my hair and skin!!!

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